Our Mission is to inspire international student athletes to pursue the opportunity of collegiate sports and to help college coaches discover global talent.

For International Athletes

The value of every college students’ athletic experience is remarkable - the competition, the race to scholarships, and the endless amount of academic opportunities are all reasons why. Globally, international athletes are not aware of this. That’s where pas-sport comes in. Our goal is not only to educate international athletes on the vast possibilities that college athletics can offer them, but also to prepare and guide them through that journey.

For College Coaches

Recruitment of international students for coaches is a constant difficulty between flight expenses, cultural differences and commitment challenges from students - it may not even seem worthwhile sometimes. We firmly believe it is as, globally, there are many talented athletes worth pursuing. Our goal is to provide a path for coaches to reach this pool of previously untapped international talent all to develop, diversify, and perfect their team rosters.

Meet the Team

Nada Zaher
"Founder" and CEO

Youssef Hammoud
"Techie" and CTO

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