What is an Athletic Scholarship?

Jan 20, 2019

200 million.

That’s how many athletic scholarships are offered annually. 200 million, and you could be one of them. What exactly does an athletic scholarship entail? This is going to be a get-to-the-point-keeping-it-simple kind of article. Scholarships mean the burden of expenses are lifted off as a responsibility - a percentage or even sometimes all. Expenses that are covered include: tuition and fees, books, residency, meals, and medical insurance - how overwhelming! The services you’re offered don’t end there. You get to train and travel with the team, have access to to sports equipments, medical assistance, and academic facilities. Universities take into account a number of factors in deciding whether you receive a partial or full athletic scholarship - but in all cases, a scholarship is always a plus and puts you on a stepping stone to a bright future be it a world of athleticism to a world of academics. 


Now, where’s that application of yours? 



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