Why the United States for College Sports?

Jan 22, 2019

Ever wonder why so many students dream to pursue athletics in the United States? You know what they say, the United States is the land of endless opportunities, and when it comes to college athletics, I think it’s safe to say we all agree. College sports in the United States is one of the only systems that combine competitive sports with academics - with the option of both athletic and academic scholarships.

Universities in the United States emphasize on the importance of their athletic programs as often times their campus life revolves around their sports, their athletic facilities, and their teams’ successes. American universities offer sports scholarships for players on the team which allows the student athletes to finance their studies through their sport. Thanks to this great opportunity, players get to also travel with their team and learn about different cultures,  all the while obtaining a college degree from a reputable American university and being a sports collegiate.

To summarize, so many people choose to pursue college athletics in the United States because it’s their stepping stone to a scholarship opportunity, a great education, an even better athletic life and last but not least, a pool of endless opportunities.


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