What are the Advantages of Competing in College Sports in the United States?

Jan 27, 2019

When making life decisions, we tend to look into exactly what it is we can benefit from such an opportunity? When it comes to 

competing in college sports, where do we start? The reasons are never ending, really. World-class facilities, top-notch coaching, and free full athletic gear, have we gotten your attention yet? American universities pay special attention

 to a multitude of services that serve athletes specifically. The promises don’t just end there - you get both immediate and life

long advantages. Being a competitive athlete means being part of a competitive sports team which means you are introduced to a vast number of opportunities and experiences where you can learn, compete, excel and succeed. You are provided quality medical care and access to outstanding coaching and never ending facilities and equipment. Take a look at exactly how each promise is really a promise of opportunity.


  • Academic Advising & Tutoring Services - Student athletesreceive around the clock personalized academic support, and are offered tutoring services to enable each athlete to remain focused while juggling academic and sports.


  • Medical Care - Student athletes receive medical care and physical therapy that is covered by insurance.



  • Topnotch Coaching, Facilities, and Equipment -Everystudent athlete has regular access to high rank coches, first class equipment and free athletic gear (from shoes to hats to practice and competition outfits to tracksuits etc).


  • Nutrition Guidance - As a student athlete, you have the choice of having a personal nutritionist to keep track of your healthy living.


  • Experience and Travel - Being a college athlete, you get to travel with your team when competing with other universities. This allows you to be exposed to different cultures and schools, while shedding light on your talents if you plan to pursue your sport professionally post-university.


  • Lifelong Network of Friends - Needless to say, being a student athlete for four years, your teammates become lifelong friends or more so family that will become. This network of alumni is the best resource when looking for jobs or post-college advice.


Being a student athlete, year by year, you are exposed to a plethora of opportunities resulting in a college experience to remember and a future to look forward to, be it pursuing sports professionally, or not.



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