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13.14.3 Recruiting or Scouting Services. Sports Other Than Basketball and Football.

In sports other than basketball and football, an institution may subscribe to a recruiting or scouting service involving prospective student-athletes, provided the service is made available to all institutions desiring to subscribe and at the same fee rate for all subscribers. The service must also provide information regarding each prospective student-athlete in a standardized format that ensures consistent distribution to all subscribers. An institution is not permitted to subscribe to a recruiting or scouting service that provides information in any form (e.g., oral reports, electronic messages) about prospective student-athletes beyond the standardized, consistent information that is provided to all subscribers. An institution is permitted to subscribe to a service that provides scholastic and/or non-scholastic video. The institution may not contract with a service in advance to have a particular contest recorded or provided.

Division I eligibility requirements

Division II eligibility requirements

Division III eligibility requirements

Division III schools are responsible for setting their own academic eligibility rules. If you are going to be competing for a DIII institution, there is no reason to register with the NCAA, as they will not be reviewing your academic eligibility. If you are unsure what division level you will be competing at, start with an NCAA Profile page and you can transition to a Certification Account later.

Academic status: What your academic status with the NCAA means

The NCAA will only review an athlete’s eligibility status if their status has been requested by a DI or DII college. That can only happen once you have completed high school and the NCAA has official copies of your SAT/ACT test scores and your final high school transcripts. Once the NCAA reviews your account, they will assign you an “Academic Status.” Here are the various statuses you could receive and what they mean:

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